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Downlights are a type of an energy-saving fitting when installed into the ceiling, will shine light downwards narrowly. As the downlight is recessed onto the ceiling, it appears as if the ceiling is illuminating the light downwards. Downlight installation involves parts connecting to the ceiling, bulb, and transformer if additional safety is required. Generally, the trim of a downlight is flat against the ceiling. There are some trims, such as eyeballs or gimbals sticking down below the ceiling to aim the light freely. Downlight installations stand out from other fixtures because there are various different options for lenses, trims, and reflectors. Although fixed recessed lighting is the most standard style, you can also buy downlights that can swivel and serve numerous functions based on angle, trim and build.
Located near Tahmoor, New Spark Electrical is one of the best electrical companies in NSW. Being one of the top companies in the market, we provide a multitude of electrical services. We only provide the best services, regardless of the size of the task. From simple tasks like changing a light bulb to complex tasks of redoing the entire electrical wiring of the house, we take pride in delivering top-notch services in Tahmoor. Our goal at New Spark Electrical is to achieve client satisfaction. We have an exceptional team working hard to maximise your satisfaction and minimise your stress. We extend our electrical services to different types of industries, including  commercial, industrial and residential in and around Tahmoor.  Modern architecture is on the rise. Although many different aesthetics are popular, most of them now include downlight installations. Because they are so versatile, Downlight installations can blend in any environment. They will also enhance and uplift the accent of the home. Decorative art pieces and family pictures are highlighted using downlight installations, and they are given a spotlight effect thanks to the focused illumination of downlights. Although downlight installations work wonders on their own, they also can be used as a part of a lighting plan, combined with different types of lights to create a unique and fascinating design moment.  New Spark Electrical are proud to inform you that we excel in downlight installations in Tahmoor. We have an excellent team to provide exemplary solutions to your electrical issues. We only use high-quality equipment, material and gears. We never compromise the safety of our clients and workers, and we only give the best quality services.

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It's illegal to practise electrical work without a licence. Only licensed professionals can work on electrical repairs, installations and replacements. A licence is achieved when a person undergoes extensive training and years of experience; only then can you deliver effective results and reliable and quality services. Hence when working with electrical systems, it is crucial to have a licence. Our professional electricians follow local, state and national safety codes. These codes follow standard procedures for repairs, installation, maintenance and operation for commercial, residential, and industrial electrical systems. If you want a safe, insured and licensed electrician, hire us and have peace of mind.
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First of all, working on an electrical system without a licence is illegal, but if you choose to ignore that and try a DIY to save money, then it could backfire. Given the complex complications of an electrical system, faulty repair and installation are inevitable. Not only you might also end up spending more money on rework, but it could lead to an electrical short or fire.. Hire us to save your time and money. You will receive exceptional electrical service and be insured for any damage.
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