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As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the electrical systems in your Catherine Field home or property are working properly. If they aren't, it can turn dangerous and expensive overall. To avoid dangerous turns of events, hiring a reliable electrician is essential. And not just any electrician, but rather a licensed professional electrician. A professional electrician contractor like New Spark Electrical can easily and efficiently carry out the work on your property. Sometimes you may think it's inexpensive and quick to attempt a DIY repair to your electrical issue. However, the potential hazards far outweigh the tiny amount of money you try to save initially. Ultimately your attempt to DIY could end up costing you more and crucially, may not be safe at all.
We are an Australian-owned and run electrical company.  New Spark Electrical is one of the top electrical services in Catherine Field and across Sydney. Located near Catherine Field, we provide all kinds of electrical services. Our electrical services branch out into industrial, commercial and residential. We don't compromise on the quality of our work, regardless of the task size. Our residential electrical services include installing lights, fans, switchboards, fuses, sensor lights, downlights, and antennae.

We provide commercial & industrial electrical services

Our commercial and industrial electrical services include fault finding and repairs, CCTV, switchboard labelling and wiring, exit and emergency lighting, testing and tagging, data and communications and emergency services. We have a team of professional electricians who can resolve all your electrical issues and problems in no time. Our electricians can efficiently carry out all types of tasks, from changing light bulbs to completely redoing the entire wiring of the house.
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New Spark Electrical offers electrical services all around NSW, providing you with reliable and professional electrical workmanship with guaranteed satisfaction!

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Hiring a professional electrician is important. Hiring someone who lacks the necessary qualifications may pose a huge risk for both the customer and the electrician. Hiring someone without a licence to do the electrical work is unlawful. If the electrician does not take proper precautions, there is a high chance of damage to your family, property, and yourself. On top of this, the person doing the electrical work is put in an unsafe situation and is handling work that requires the skills and knowledge of a licensed electrician.

Why should you hire our electricians?

  1. They follow safety codes: Safety codes in electrical repair are extremely important. An inexperienced person may not be aware of the variations in electrical safety codes. Our professional electricians in Catherine Field follow all the safety protocols that protect you and them. Trust our professional and licensed electricians to solve and protect you from any dangerous electrical hazards. Only one issue can be seen for an untrained person, but there can be multiple issues underneath which only a trained sparky can recognise and work accordingly. 
2. Experience: Our professional electricians near Catherine Field have worked with numerous different electrical issues and repairs. With a vast experience in their hand, they have become skilled in analysing and offering solutions to electrical issues. They also keep a record of the services offered. Such data will allow you to understand that they have encountered multiple issues and if yours is included.  3. Proper equipment: Most homeowners are unqualified to handle electrical damage and repairs. And it is certainly not a DIY task. Besides being unlawful, you may not have the right tools and equipment. Our electricians only use the proper required equipment and follow the standard safety procedure. This minimises the risk of damage to anyone and anything.  Contact us at 0424744576 for professional and reliable electricians near Catherine Field.
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