Switchboard Installation
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If your house lacks a circuit breaker panel, it is time for an upgrade. Typically, houses built before the 1960s had fuse boxes, but the fuses are not reliable and require replacement once blown. By replacing such old equipment, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time and money, not to mention protect your appliances and electrical equipment from breaking down.
Related Faqs
How much does it cost to replace a switchboard?
Replacing a switchboard costs $900 to $1200.

What is the difference between switchboard and distribution board?
Switchboards provide the necessary power to distribution boards within a building. A distribution board is placed on a specific floor with a sub-distribution board that feeds into different electrical equipment.

Can you cover up an electrical outlet?
When not in use, an electrical outlet can be covered to keep it hidden.

What is the purpose of a switchboard?
Switchboards divide electrical power feeds and direct it to branch circuits having the protection of a fuse or circuit breaker for said circuits.

What are switchboards made of?
They are a combination of plastic and metal. Switchboards are closed with panels and covers to ensure the energized parts remain inaccessible.

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