The Importance of ‘Grounding’ Electrical Currents

Electricity may have numerous benefits, but it is crucial to ground electrical currents. If you do not want your electrical systems to become a danger to you or your family, you will need to ‘ground’ them without thinking twice.

Understanding ‘Grounding’ Electrical Currents

Electrical circuits have an active wire that provides the necessary power and a neutral wire that returns with the current. An additional wire can be connected to outlets and other electrical appliances or devices referred to as a ‘grounding wire.’ This wire is also securely attached to the ground found in a breaker box. 

A grounding wire serves as an additional route for electrical current to pass through, returning safely to the ground without causing danger to anyone if there is a short circuit. If a short circuit occurs, the current flows through the grounding wire instead. This causes a circuit breaker trip or fuse to blow as a protection mechanism – an event far more acceptable than a fatal electric shock of an ungrounded current. 

Benefits of Grounding Electricity

Electrical Overload Protection

If you want to protect your home, appliances, and everyone within from a power surge, you need to ground currents. If the power surges or a bolt of lightning strikes your home, it can cause high voltages. However, with a grounded electrical system, the excess electricity will be directed to the earth. 

Directs Electricity 

With a grounded electric system, you can rest easy knowing power is directed to wherever it is required. This way, electrical currents can travel efficiently and safely throughout your household. 

Normalizes Voltage Levels

An electrical system that is grounded will make it easier for the right amount of power to be distributed throughout your household, in the right places, of course. This way, your circuits are not at risk of blowing, nor will they get overloaded. 

Prevents Injury, Death, and Damage

If your electrical system is not grounded correctly, you will not only put your electrical devices or appliances at risk, but they could be damaged beyond repair. If that is not enough, an electrical overload could cause a fire, causing damage to your property and physical injury. 

How to determine if your Electrical System is grounded?

Now, if you want to make sure your electrical system in your home is grounded, all you need to do is check your power outlets. If your power outlets have a three-pronged outlet, your electrical system has a grounding wire. 

Appliances with a three-pronged plug and a three-wire cord are designed to be grounded. The additional wire serves as a grounding link between your household’s grounding and the metal frame of your appliances. 

If you did not know the importance of grounding electrical currents, you now know how important it is to protect your life, property, and electrical devices and equipment.

If your home is not grounded, you must hire a certified electrician to take care of this for you. Remember, avoid making alterations yourself; it is always a better idea to let the professionals tackle such problems for you. Better safe than sorry, right? 

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