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Industrial companies have wide and varied needs. Whether a business specializes in manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and so on, it will need a reliable electrical contractor. Fortunately, you need not look further than our services, especially since our highly skilled team will ensure your premises meets all compliances and takes care of industrial electrical maintenance. To keep any workspace safe, maintenance and servicing is of the utmost importance. Additionally, it plays a vital role in keeping operations running at maximum efficiency. By opting for our services, you can rest easy knowing our contractors stay up-to-date regarding health and safety practices and will ensure your sites are safe and secure before carrying out any work.
Related Faqs
What does an industrial electrician do?

As the name implies, an industrial electrician repairs systems and maintains electrical equipment in industries. They are usually a part of a construction team that installs and checks new systems and equipment. They have extensive knowledge regarding electrical equipment ideally suited for larger projects.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial electrician?

The primary difference between the two lies in their work environment. A commercial electrician works in commercial buildings, like large apartment buildings, retail stores, etc. An industrial electrician works in production facilities and manufacturing plants, dealing with sensitive and complex electrical systems and expensive machinery.

What skills do industrial electricians need?

Not just anyone can become an industrial electrician since it requires extensive training. To identify the best industrial electricians, they need to have skills like NEC, controlling experience, manufacturing experience, electrical experience, programmable logic controllers, troubleshooting experience, maintenance experience, etc.

What tools does an industrial electrician need?

Industrial electricians have all the tools that can usually be found with domestic and commercial electricians. However, they can have a couple of more tools, some of which are heavy-duty. Industrial electricians can have tools like power saws, power drills, power hammers, power drivers, measuring devices, labeling machines, and so on.

Do electricians buy their own tools?

Most electricians have company deals with suppliers, meaning they have do not have to buy all the tools they may need in their arsenal. If an electrician is working with other electricians, they all might have to share the tools provided by suppliers.

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