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Have you noticed that some power outlets in your house are getting warm or even too hot to touch? Power points that heat up, give a mild shock, discolour, or are broken to expose the cables inside, are all signs that there may be internal damage that a professional electrician should inspect. Replacing a power outlet is no simple task, and the potential hazards associated with faulty installation are simply not worth the risk.
New Spark Electrical is one of the top electrical companies in NSW. Located near Glen Alpine, we provide all types of electrical services. We never compromise the quality, regardless of the size of the task. Our goal is to achieve client satisfaction by providing the best and most trustworthy electrical services. We extend our electrical services to different types of industries, including industrial, commercial and residential. Our exceptional team of skilled and licensed professionals work hard to elevate your stress and boost your satisfaction.
Our residential services include the installation of light, fan, switchboard, fuse, sensor light, downlight and antenna. Our commercial services include CCTV, data and communications, exit and emergency lighting, testing and tagging, switchboard labelling and wiring, fault findings, repairs and emergency services. Our industrial services include CCTV, testing and tagging, data and communications, exit and emergency lighting, fault finding and repairs, circuit wiring and general lighting.
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If you are presently relying on a complicated system of extension cords to adjust all your devices due to a lack of functional power points, or running wires around skirting boards and under rugs at your Glen Alpine property, you should try a new powerpoint installation. Generally, there should be a reliable powerpoint for each regularly-used device. However, don’t risk any electrical outlet wiring on your own; replacing or installing any outlet is a job that only a professional electrician should conduct. Without adequate training, intricate wiring can easily go haywire and potentially invoke an extreme fire hazard to your property and family. For security reasons, it is important that you leave any electrical or powerpoint installations to the professionals like New Spark Electrical.

Why you should trust us for your powerpoint installation in Glen Alpine

Safety: After paying lots of dollars for your home construction, will you employ some inexperienced person for electrical work? A professional electrician like New Spark Electrical signifies that you are in safe hands. Hiring a non-professional may seem like a money-saving option, but there is a higher possibility that you are risking the protection of your family, house, or your workspace. Managing electrical equipment requires expertise and appropriate knowledge. Inept working with electrical equipment may cause electric shocks, sparks or any other kind of mishap. Children, pets, and sometimes even adults tend to touch broken cables or electrified water, which are huge hazards to our safety. Opting for an experienced and skilled professional is the best option even for routine work because even a little glitch might lead to a dangerous electrical accident.
Experience: Electrical wiring is complicated, requiring a specific amount of proficiency to comprehend the connection and patterns. Electrical equipment and handling its operations is no easy task. Only a professional and licensed electrician can pull it off. Numerous rules and regulations are to be followed. New Spark Electrical professionals will be aware of the latest rules and regulations and stick to them properly so the house owners wouldn’t be at risk.
Experienced professionals can solve problems very quickly. Our years of experience gives us the benefits of determining problems quickly, and our electricians can find the solution quickly. Hiring a newbie puts you in a spot of bother. Neither can you expect expertise and speed, nor can you rely on them completely.
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