Important Tips For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Workplaces today run on electricity, and every workplace has electric appliances. These appliances can pose a serious threat if not attended to or maintained in a proper fashion.

In their recent report, the government body of Health and Safety Executive published that they receive hundreds of workplace incidents related to electrical accidents. The report mentions that 25 out of every 100 such accidents are fatal, causing serious injuries and deaths.

The harm caused by unattended or poorly maintained electric systems is inevitable. Therefore in order to avoid electrical injury, it is crucial to observe electric safety in the workplace.

Here we have compiled some tips you can follow to ensure electrical safety at your workplace.

 Use Portable Equipment

Try to equip your working space with portable electrical equipment. They will allow you to easily remove the source of power from them in case of any emergency.

Another advantage of using portable electrical equipment is that they can be plugged off and stashed away after you are done using them.

Easy and Quick Access to Power Switches

Organize your workplace in a way that you have easy access to power switches all the time. Cluttered space can lead to delayed access to these power switches in case of an emergency.

An easily accessible power source will allow you to switch off the power immediately in case of an accident.

Get Rid of the Faulty Equipment

If you have any faulty electrical equipment at your workplace, get rid of it in the first instance. Nothing good has ever come out of using a faulty electric device.

Get it checked by a licensed electrician or if it is beyond repair, discard it on a priority basis.

Always invest in electric devices of the best quality. This will add to the safety of your workplace.

No Pulling!

Most of us have the habit of pulling out the plugs from their switches with force. This practice is far from safe. In fact, it can cause some serious damage to the device as well as the wiring. In the worst-case scenario, it can also give you a shock.

This is why it is highly recommended to always release the plug from its switch with ease. Do not forget to switch the power button off before releasing the cable.

Replace the Frayed Ones

Due to excessive use, the wires of electrical devices often tend to wear out. If this is the case with any of the electric equipment at your workplace, replace it at your earliest.

The frayed wires are a potential hazard as they are exposed and will shock you if you touch them directly.

Refrain from DIYs

If you are planning to install any electric device at your workplace, refrain from doing it yourself. While DIYs are fun and money-saving, they are not a very bright idea when it comes to electric devices.

Get the installation done by an electrician and make sure that you hire someone with a valid license and relevant experience.

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